The Bridal Experience

Welcome to Adagio Bridal Boutique! We are a bridal boutique based in Peoria, IL., and love everything bridal! We believe that every bride deserves to be the center of attention during her bridal appointment, so we offer private appointments that are usually hosted by the owner herself, Amy! She has worked tirelessly to make sure that her personally-designed bridal collection, Ami Holloway, is accessible to brides with all shapes and budgets! Adagio Bridal Boutique has the ability to mix and match styles from the Ami Holloway Collection and we can completely design a bride’s dream dress from scratch! The possibilities are endless! Call and schedule your appointment today!

About Us

‘Adagio’, when translated from Italian, means “with ease” and it is known an easy-going tempo in music. We believe this translates perfectly into bridal because finding the perfect wedding gown should be an easy and affordable experience for every bride. No hassles, no worries, just fun! Adagio Bridal Boutique is an appointment-based bridal boutique that specializes in bridal gowns and veils. We also love to promote local alterations specialists to continue to encourage the art of sewing! (We do not have an alterations department in-house.)

Amy, owner and designer, has always had a passion for art, music, and wedding gowns. She grew up a tomboy, but loved buying bridal magazines and watching the meaningful experiences brides had trying on dresses. After moving to Peoria in 2012, she decided to pursue these passions further. In 2016, she opened Adagio Bridal Boutique with two firm intentions: provide affordable quality dresses and memorable experiences to last brides a lifetime. Where other boutiques simply sell big box manufacturers’ dresses, Amy worked tirelessly to 1) build connections with quality private label manufacturers to offer specialized, customizable gowns that are individually made for each bride and 2) create and design her own personal collection of gowns called “Ami Holloway Bridal Collection”. Brides can mix and match styles from her collections and can fully design their own gowns from the ground up.  From modern to traditional, the Ami Holloway Bridal Collection literally has something for everyone.  Brides also have the option to customize their gowns without breaking their budgets (prices range 799.99-1699.99, even for a bespoke gown!). Gowns are available in sizes 4-26 in-store, and select styles up to a 34.

A wedding dress is more than just a dress: it is a symbol for the beginning of your new journey with your partner. Highs and lows, you are dedicating your life to your love. Yes, you wear your dress for one day, but you will cherish it for a lifetime. Shouldn’t your shopping experience be just as special? Every bride receives a private appointment that is relaxed and fun, usually with Amy herself!  What other boutique gives you the opportunity to work directly with the designer? Because Amy handles one appointment at a time, we operate by-appointment only and all appointments must be scheduled in advance. Message us today and schedule your appointment to see for yourself how amazing your bridal experience can be!

Upcoming Events, Appointments, and Additional Closure Dates

CURRENT SALE: Any off-rack, final sale dresses are marked $200 off! We will also bead check and spot clean your gown for free, but you can choose to waive this service for an additional $50 discount. We will also include a waterproof, breathable garment bag with your purchase. If you want an amazing value on a designer gown, now is your chance to schedule your appointment!

TUESDAY APPOINTMENTS: Tuesdays we are usually closed, but we are happy to schedule an appointment if that’s the only day you are available! Tuesdays we will require a non-refundable payment of $25 that must be paid at the beginning of your appointment in cash (to prevent any chargebacks or cancelled checks). This $25 is not applied to any purchase and is to cover the expenses of hosting an appointment on a day we are usually closed.

SUNDAY APPOINTMENTS: Sundays we are also closed, but we reserve Sundays for our special appointment experience known as the “Diamond Appointment”. This specialty appointment is a two-hour appointment that includes drinks and snacks for you and your guests! There is a non-refundable $150 payment that must be paid at the beginning of your appointment in cash only (this protects us from any chargebacks or cancelled checks). Payment is not applied towards a purchase. This appointment has a limit to up to six additional guests, but if you would like to bring more then there is an additional $25 fee per additional guest to cover the extra costs of food and drinks. We will send you a special agreement that you must sign prior to your appointment that sets the expectation you will be responsible to pay the full appointment fee even if you choose to no call/no show or cancel your appointment within 72 hours before your appointment. We take the extra time and finances to make these appointments special for you, so we need to know you will appear for your appointment.

ADDITIONAL CLOSURE DATES: We always operate by-appointment only, but specific dates the boutique will be closed: October 14.

Appointment Guidelines

We are open and taking appointments! Please note some new guidelines to follow to give you the best possible experience:

1) Masks are not required because the Illinois Mask Mandate has been lifted. If we see someone in your group wearing a mask, we are happy to also wear a mask to make all of your guests feel at ease.

2) Initial shopping appointments are limited to one bride and six guests. The more guests you bring, the more overwhelming it can get for you! You can bring more than six guests for your pick-up appointment, but please note we only have comfortable seating for up to six additional guests. Also note: each child is considered a guest as well, so please limit your party to up to six individual guests.

3) All brides MUST have a wedding date and venue booked before scheduling an appointment. This will help us plan our sewing schedules effectively and continue to meet deadlines for dress creations. Because we make each of our wedding dresses individually, we can customize any Ami Holloway Bridal dress to meet your needs. Therefore, we need you to be able to answer questions about any church modesty standards, glitter clean up fees, rocky/sandy walkways, or other venue specifications that will need to be considered for your dress design. We need to be able to give you the best information about your dress design, so knowing your date and venue are booked is the best piece of information we can have at your appointment.

With these new guidelines, we are absolutely happy to provide you the best possible service, custom wedding dress designs, and a memorable experience! We can’t wait to meet you and find your dream dress!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are you able to just walk in to the bridal shop or do we need an appointment?
We operate by-appointment only so each bride receives a private appointment. We ask all appointments be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance. Walk-ins are not available.

2) How long does it take to get a dress in and what is your pricing?
The Ami Holloway Collection arrives 3-4 months from order date depending on customizations and shipping schedules; private label dresses 3-4 months; Pollardi dresses are 5-6 months (Ukraine-based).

Pricing: $899.99-$1699.99. Customizations fees: $50-$150.

3) You make custom designs. Can I bring in a picture of a dress and have it made?
We protect the integrity of other designers and DO NOT copy dresses from photographs. We have different fabrics and dress patterns. If you bring in a picture of a dress, we will discuss the details you like about it and incorporate those details into a dress from our line. We customize, we don’t copy.

4) What can I expect from my appointment? What should I bring?
All appointments are completely private and held with the owner/designer herself! This is what makes us different than other boutiques because she understands dress construction and knows how all her dresses are made. Appointments are an hour and a half to two hours in length depending on the day of the week. You are free to walk through all of the gowns and pick what you would like to try on, so bring ideas/pictures of wedding dresses that you have found so we know where to start. Make sure to wear undergarments (it is requirement for hygienic purposes), specifically we recommend a strapless or adhesive bra to really get an idea of necklines and open backs. If you plan on wearing a heel for your wedding, bring the highest possible heel that you think you would wear. We can customize the length of most of our dresses when they are ordered, so it is important to know your heel height. If you wear flats for your appointment and then choose to wear heels for your wedding, your dress will be too short, so always bring the highest possible heel to the appointment. You can shorten a wedding gown hem, you can’t lengthen it.

5) I would love you leave a tip! How much is customary to tip a bridal shop?
Thank you for the offer! A customary tip would be 15%-20% of your purchase. Most guests have tipped anywhere from $100-$200. Tips are a wonderful way to show your appreciation for our service and also actually help keep our prices lower in an ever changing, price-increasing business!

6) Do you have an alterations department?
We do not offer alterations in-house. We have recommendations for alterations experts in the local community, many of which have their own studios. We like to promote locally!!!

7) Do you offer bridesmaid dresses?
We do not offer bridesmaid dresses at this time. We hope to someday in the future!!!

5201 W. War Memorial Drive Suite 240
Peoria, IL 61615

Location & Hours

Monday: By-Appointment Only
Tuesday: Closed ($25 appointment fee)
Wednesday: By-Appointment Only
Thursday: By-Appointment Only
Friday: By-Appointment Only
Saturday: By-Appointment Only
Sunday: Closed (“Diamond Appointments” only)

Closed most holidays and select personal days that will be noted in advance.

Phone: (309) 670-0285

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