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The Adagio Bridal Boutique Story

A wedding dress is more than just a dress: it is a symbol for the beginning of a new you. A "you" that has dedicated your life to one person: your soul mate, your number one partner in crime, your everything. Through highs and lows, sickness and health, and the richer and poorer times, you are dedicating your life to your love. Your wedding day means presenting the best part of you to your love and starting your journey together as one. You will wear your wedding dress for just one day, but you will cherish it for a lifetime!


At Adagio, we value your wedding dress just as much as you do. ‘Adagio’, when translated from Italian, means “with ease” and is known an easy-going tempo in music. This word transfers easily into bridal! We want you to have the easiest wedding dress shopping experience and find a dress that you value for its emotional connection, its great quality, and its affordability. Where other boutiques sell the same manufacturers’ dresses over and over, Amy (owner and designer) has a team of expert seamstresses to create her designs that are made special for each individual bride. She stocks the store with her designs as well as several other designers to make sure she has a wide range of dress selections for brides, so Adagio literally has something for everyone!

COVID hit bridal stores really hard, but Adagio was one of the only stores to maintain every order and meet every brides' wedding date. Where other stores experienced extreme shipping delays, lost shipments, and wrong orders, Amy and the Adagio team continued to provide their top-notch service safely. To this day, Amy still handles all bridal appointments, all shipments, all communications with seamstresses, EVERYTHING herself, so she works with you from start to finish. SHE is what makes us different. You aren't just a number at Adagio and your wedding dress isn't just another dress. You mean the world to Amy and we are ready to help you find your dream dress!

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