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Jessica McClintock (under the CLARISSE brand) gowns are beautiful styles that will last the test of time. Dressing young women of all ages for the hallmarks of their lives has always been Jessica’s first love. We are thrilled to announce the re-introduction of a destination bridal collection that weaves Victorian and Edwardian inspiration into styling for today. They are classic, elegant, and trendy for today's brides. Usually they have stock in their warehouse, so if you have a close wedding date this would be a great designer from which to choose your dress!

Premium Bridal Factory encompasses several brands under their name: Zulu Ila, Ojo, Omelié, and Omelié Curvy. From vintage to classic, from minimalist to show stopper, this designer has something for every bride! 

Same as with Pollardi brand dresses, we only stock select styles that are popular in our market. We can order any style for you if you love it, but only select gowns will be available in store to try on. Prices range $949.99-$1799.99 for both brands. 

Jessica McClintock by CLARISSE
Premium Bridal Factory

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