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We’re Here to Help Answer Your Questions

Are you able to just walk in or do you need an appointment?

Your bridal appointment is a special time for you and your entourage, not just an everyday fitting! You shouldn't have distractions from other parties and you should have a relaxed, fun environment when trying on gowns.  We handle every appointment individually so we can only see one bride at a time.. You aren't just going to "wing" your wedding, why would you "wing" you bridal appointment? Appointments are required and must be scheduled in advance to make sure we will be in the boutique and aren't scheduled to complete a sewing task.

Why do I need to have my date and venue set before trying on dresses?

A wedding dress is not an everyday garment; it is a specialized piece that require hours and hours of labor and experience. Amy and her seamstresses have taken years to educate themselves on how gowns are constructed, how they fit each body type, and how they will be worn for ultimate comfort. Those direct-from-online-China dresses are cheaper, but they don't take the time to understand you, give you an appointment to try on multiple dresses, and truly understand your wedding dress vision. They make dresses just to make dresses where we truly get to know you and want to make you a special piece! We might be the only store in our area that requires your wedding information to be solidified, but we are also the only store that can make a fully custom design! We want to know you have done your homework: does your church have modesty requirements? Do you have a lot of stairs to maneuver or a not-so-wide aisle to walk down? Any and all information is helpful for us to help you make the right decision about your gown, so make sure you have your wedding date/venue set before scheduling an appointment!

How long does it take to order a dress?

Lead times depend on the designer of the dress you order. Most dresses take 3-4 months to order, but Pollardi Fashion Group dresses (made in Ukraine) are taking 6 months to come in due to rerouted shipping avenues. They are still in production and are safe and we have been receiving gowns from them consistently so we will keep supporting our Pollardi partners!

What should I bring to my appointment?

Make sure to wear undergarments, bring some heels if you plan on wearing heels (the highest possible you would wear), and bring an open mind! Photos of dresses you've seen that inspire you or have tried on help as well!

I would love to leave a tip for the shop! What is a standard tip?

Thank you for the offer! Tips are such a wonderful way to show your appreciation as well as keep our doors open and our prices lower than other shops. The typical amount we are seeing is $100-$200 for a dress purchase, but feel free to tip whatever you feel! We appreciate everything and anything to know that our work is valued!

Do you have social occasion, mother's, or bridesmaid dresses?

No, but we wish we did! We believe in focusing on one department and doing it right! We focus only on bridal gowns and accessories so we can offer beautiful designs at affordable prices. Spreading ourselves too thin and offering too much product would make us have to raise prices or lower the quality we provide, and we are definitely NOT going to do that!

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