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Our Policy Information

At Your Service

At Adagio Bridal Boutique, we want to give our customers the most enjoyable shopping experience possible. That’s why we believe that our store policies should be fair, clear and transparent. Below you’ll find a list of our main policies regarding the order process and appointments.

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Wedding Date/Venue Requirement

To schedule an appointment:

In order to try on dresses, obviously you have to be engaged! You may think it's odd, but people have scheduled appointments "just for fun" to try on dresses or will use brick and mortar shops to try on and then buy online. Unfortunately, this means they are using local services but then not supporting them. This is why so many bridal shops are closing or starting to charge standard appointment fees. We do not want to start charging for standard appointments, so we are setting the policy that you must have your date and venue booked and solidified prior to trying on dresses.

Also, it is very important for us to know WHERE you are getting married! Are there modesty requirements for your church/cathedral? Sometimes there are modesty requirements! Once we start making your dress, it is difficult to change the design if you find our there are modesty requirements. To prevent you having to pay any mid-production fees or modesty-violation fees from the venue (yes that's a thing!), KNOW YOUR MODESTY REQUIREMENTS!

Our Entourage Policy

Bringing guests with you:

All appointments are private with just you and your entourage. You should make those lasting memories with the people you love without distractions from other noisy parties! That said, we ask to limit your entourage to six additional guests at most. Why? The more guests you bring, the more opinions that come your way, the more dresses they pull for you, and the more stressed out you will get! If you can believe it, we are one of the only boutiques that will let you walk through our dress racks (most other shops ask that you sit in place). We want everyone to experience the beauty of our gowns, but we also want to make sure you don't get too overwhelmed!

Purchase Standards

When you purchase a gown:

We never put stress on you to buy! We provide you with a private appointment and the time you need to make the right choice for your gown.  When you purchase a gown, we have to get to work and spend countless hours making it (or in the case of off-rack purchases, bead-check and spot-clean it), so your dress purchase is a final sale. No returns or refunds are offered; this is the standard for most bridal shops. Making a wedding dress, especially a custom design, involves so much more time and expertise, so the purchase standards are different than standard retail stores.


If you order a custom-design, we do have a specific exchange policy for your peace of mind. We offer a one-time exchange or change, but the policy can vary slightly for each individual bride and their design. No custom-dress can be exchanged for a sizing issue, only for design issues. We are completely transparent with our purchase policies and will go over them with you at the time of purchase.

COVID Information

Our health and safety policy

We follow all guidelines in regards to COVID. There currently is no mask mandate for Illinois, so we do not require masks at this time. If a mask mandate comes into effect, we will follow those policies and ask guests to wear masks properly during appointments. We will always wear a mask if you request.

Undergarment Policy

When you try on gowns with us:

The only thing we require when you try on gowns is undergarments! Many brides laugh when we go over this standard with them, but you would be surprised how many brides would NOT wear bottoms if we didn't set this standard. Sanitation is of the highest importance to us and and we want to maintain our product cleanliness, so please wear undergarments when you come to your appointment. A strapless bra can be removed to see illusion backs, but bottoms are always required at all times.

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